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We pride ourselves in providing high-quality insulation products and services for Orlando homeowners and businesses. Whether it is commercial or residential spray foam insulation, Spray Pro Insulation has been at the forefront for a good number of years. Our longstanding reputation is the combined result of the top-notch work we deliver, our cost-effective insulation solutions, and unwavering commitment to our customers’ needs. What’s more, we also help you save a ton of money on your energy bills!

If you are looking for a one-stop solution for spray foam insulation in Orlando, we present to you the best insulation options for projects of any size. We make it our top priority to give our full attention to each client’s individual needs – be it agricultural insulation, commercial, residential, or industrial requirements.

We provide professional insulation services all year-round to make your office or living spaces more comfortable. With our friendly staff guiding you through the process, every step of the way, we guarantee complete satisfaction for you. When you find yourself looking up for spray foam insulation contractors near me, you know it is time to give us a call and schedule an appointment for a detailed estimate.

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What Is Spray Foam Insulation

In simple terms, we can say that spray foam or Spray Polyurethane Foam insulation acts as an air barrier material for floors, walls, and ceilings. This foam insulation can be sprayed directly into an open cavity and protect the building structure against air movement. For example, it can provide energy-efficient crawl space insulation for new constructions.

Sometimes, even in older homes, the light fixture or other electrical outlets may need better insulation for the spaces in the walls. Especially where near the windows or doors, upgrading your wall insulation may be necessary.

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How Does Spray Foam Insulation Work

Spray foam insulation for Orlando homes not only reduces your energy costs, but it also provides soundproof insulation for the basement, attic, floors, and walls. Basically, foam insulation creates an air seal and offers protection against cold air drafts by blocking all the leaks and cavities. This way, it can act as a significant deterrent for mold growth.

Compared to traditional forms of insulation such as fiberglass insulation and cellulose insulation, spray foam insulation works better by preventing any chance of air leaks. Air leakage is one of the major problems encountered by many home and commercial spaces, and traditional methods of residential and commercial insulation solutions are a bit lacking in this aspect. Overall energy efficiency and comfort of your home or office depends on how the insulation can impact the airflow (convection) and heat transfer (conduction).

Fiberglass and cellulose business and home insulation services may not be able to fill all the gaps and leaks. Such an inadequacy will certainly contribute to your home’s energy loss, not to mention the expensive cooling and heating bills you need to pay. Besides, you may have to go through the discomfort of cold floors, air drafts, and ice dams.

Perfect insulation provides ample resistance to heat from flowing in and out of your home. To keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter, contact Spray Pro Insulation, your Orlando spray foam insulation experts today!

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New Construction Spray Foam

New constructions need to benefit from the massive energy savings of spray foam attic insulation. Since spray foam fills all the gaps, cervices, and cracks of your home better than the conventional insulation materials, it leads to a draft-free home.

Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) is a plastic foam that is applied by spraying. Orlando spray foam insulation can provide crack-free seals to the buildings, and make the construction more comfortable for the residents.

Upon insulation, open-cell spray foam has the ability to expand itself about 100 times compared to its original size. This helps in filling all the nooks and crannies in a cavity. Even after a long time, the spray foam does not sag nor compress. It retains its shape through the years, keeping the home or office well-insulated. Since SPF offers excellent resistance against heat transfer, it is a highly effective solution to reduce unwanted air infiltration and a preferred choice of insulation experts.

Orlando spray foam insulation specialists use various SFP types for these purposes:

  • Exterior and roofing applications: High-Density SPF
  • Unvented attic applications, interior wall cavity fill, and continuous insulation: Medium Density SPF
  • Unvented attic applications and interior wall cavity fill: Low-Density SPF

When you search for “spray foam insulation near me” brings you to our company, do not hesitate to ask our SPF installation contractors to help you make the right decision in choosing the appropriate product and the proper delivery system for your project.

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Advantages of Spray Foam

Interior Comfort

With spray foam insulation, you get better temperature control indoors and prevent drafts by sealing hard-to-reach air leaks. Blown insulation for attics and walls reduces unwanted convective currents. This creates a more comfortable interior environment, particularly in extreme climate regions.

Orlando spray foam insulation contractors use a combination of open-cell and closed-cell foam to help minimize air-borne transmission of sound. The open-cell foam helps with high-frequency noise reduction, while closed-cell foam achieves low-frequency noise reduction.

Sealing all the potential gaps and leaks with spray foam provides a protective barrier for your family against dust, pollen, and insects. Eternal allergens cannot gain entrance to the indoors, which is especially helpful if there is an allergy sufferer in the household.

Thermal Performance

Statistics state that nearly 40% of a construction’s energy loss is caused due to air infiltration. Orlando spray foam insulation offers the best solution for this as it provides the highest R-value per inch, which implies minimal energy losses and significant savings.

In simple words, R-value is a construction term that can be defined as the measure of how well an insulation layer can resist the conductive flow of heat. So, you may wonder what is the R-value of spray foam insulation – while specific SPF products offer much higher R-values, the typical range for spray foam is 3.5-7.0 per inch of thickness.

Energy Loss from Poor Insulation

Air Sealing

Spray foam insulation for Orlando homes can seal even the spaces that are unseen. During the spray foam application process, a protective layer is created that offers an air seal for the roof, attic, wall, or floor. This unique advantage helps a typical Orlando homeowner to save about 15% of costs on heating and cooling.

High-pressure spray foam insulation kit manufactured with two-component SPF is suitable for larger projects, while low-pressure kits with two-component SPF offer open-cell as well as closed-cell, and are suited for smaller jobs.

One-component spray foams offer excellent air sealing for windows and doors. Higher density spray foam is apt for roofing projects. Based on the chosen product, spray foam can offer insulation and air sealing.

Long-Lasting Quality

Contractors working with spray foam insulation in Orlando swear by its adhesion properties of SPF. Spray foam insulation can be installed without having to use netting, wire supports, or fasteners to secure it in place.

Its unique application that negates any labor-intensive processes makes it an attractive option for building owners and spray foam insulation installers alike. For uniquely shaped, large spaces, commercial and complex buildings, such as cathedral ceilings, the cellular structure of spray foam is highly suitable. SPF offers long-lasting performance year after year, does not settle or sag, and it delivers consistent high-quality for many decades.

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Spray Foam is Flood Resistant

Some Orlando spray foam insulation companies specialize in only insulation or air sealing. But certain spray foam product types can achieve multiple goals.

Closed-cell spray foam insulation products are the only insulation materials categorized as Class 5 flood-damage resistant by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency). Especially in places with a high probability of water contact, such as under the floors, crawlspace walls, or basement, closed-cell insulation is recommended by FEMA, to reduce the development of mold and mitigate flood losses.

Companies providing spray foam insulation in Orlando use closed-cell products to create stronger walls and provide increased wind uplift resistance during high wind events. In the tests conducted, it is concluded that two inches of closed-cell insulation provides an almost 300% rise in racking resistance of typical wall construction.

Coming to other SPF products, bi-directional drying is possible with open-cell spray foam. Meaning, in the case of a roof leak, the open-cell structure allows the passage of moisture, making it easier to detect the leak. Homeowners can take prompt action in drying the SPF, without removing and replacing it. Once the spray foam is completely dry, the open-cell product resumes providing consistent thermal performance.

Our customers approach us with requirements that are specific to each project. Whether it is waterproofing, air sealing, or insulation, we can help you achieve them all with the help of our trained and experienced spray foam insulation contractors. You can cut down on inventory, reduce redundancies and waste. Besides, there will be no need to hire more than one contractor for all your needs.

As we offer the best spray foam insulation for Orlando, we can vouch for one salient feature that attracts all of our customers: savings on major bucks! Living in a beautifully insulated home not only keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer, but it also helps you reduce energy costs on heating and cooling.

We have mentioned the abundance of benefits you can gain with spray foam insulation and introduced you to terms like R-value and heat flow. First, let us break these terms down in brief for your better understanding.

Heat Flow

When Orlando foam insulation installers tell you that you get an efficient insulation system, we need to be straightforward about some things. True heat can and will be lost through your ceiling or attic roof, there is nothing to do about it. These two areas, along with some other structures in your home dissipate heat into the environment.

People believe that a north-facing building can trap heat from escaping outside, but it is far from the truth. Regardless of which direction your doors or windows face, heat always moves from hot to cold. If some parts of your home, such as the basement are not insulated, heat flows down to the basement, and then to the outside. Therefore, a home without floor insulation faces up to 40% of energy losses, and the number goes up to 50% for heated, but non-insulated floors.

Spray Foam Insulation Orlando

Building Envelope

Home energy efficiency does not begin and end with turning off appliances when not in use. Your building envelope offers protection against the elements, such as giving an automatic response to head indoors when it is about to rain. It can also masterfully control the interior temperature, retain indoor heat and cool, conditioned air, all the while letting unhealthy moisture levels out.

The building envelope of your home includes the foundation, doors, windows, attic, roofing system, and above-grade walls. Building envelope helps improve the carbon footprint of your building, home or office. So, making it energy-efficient can help keep your home green.

Orlando spray foam insulation contractors can assist you in every step of the way and help you make informed decisions. At Spray Pro Insulation, we are glad to provide you with pocket-friendly solutions for improving the comfort of your home, save money, and protect your investment.

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The R-value rating of an insulation system indicates how efficient it can be in resisting heat flow. Needless to say, the R-value and its efficiency are directly proportional to each other. An effective insulation system resists heat transfer through the envelope and keeps the temperature constant. In turn, it saves a ton of money on the energy bills of your home.

However, there are some crucial factors you need to consider, such as the climate zone of your residence and the location of insulation. In addition, external factors like extreme changes in temperature or water exposure can affect the R-value of the insulation system. In worst cases, your Orlando spray foam insulation has to be removed and replaced.

Closed-cell Foam Insulation Orlando

Insulation systems with closed-cell spray foam products of medium density offer a 2-in-1 approach with air sealing and insulation and do not need a separate vapor barrier.

Closed-cell foam insulation in Orlando:

  • Does not soak moisture
  • Resists mold growth
  • Delivers high R-values
  • Regulates indoor temperature
  • Offers high ROI within six years
  • Raises your savings on energy bills by almost 20%
  • Fetches you a higher resale value

Spray Foam vs. Traditional Types of Insulation Systems

Spray Foam

Spray foam stops cool, conditioned air from escaping out and acts as a windbreaker, keeping you and your home cool by stopping warm air from entering your home.

  • Lowers energy costs significantly
  • Delivers lifetime high performance
  • Expands to about 100 times its original size
  • Fills all the corners and gaps in your home’s envelope
  • Offers thermal insulation and air sealing
  • Impermeable to water (closed-cell foam)
  • Stays in place and will not settle
  • Reduces entrance of allergens and dust
  • Does not have toxic components that can hurt the environment
  • Repels rodents, termites and other critters

Fiberglass and Cellulose Insulation

  • Cause air leakage, allow cold air to enter your home, and only operate like a woolen sweater
  • Lead to higher heating and cooling bills
  • Struggle to meet ever-dynamic building codes
  • Offer lesser quality of performance
  • Pose difficulty in installation
  • Gaps as big as a basketball allow enough air leakage
  • Retain water and damage your home by helping mold growth
  • Reduce the functionality of the insulation
  • Need insulation upgrade from time to time
  • Allow allergens, insects, dust, and pollutants to enter
  • May contain formaldehyde, which emits harmful fumes
  • Susceptible to damage by pests, and can provide a place for nesting

DIY Spray Foam Insulation

Once you start noticing condensation on your windows, or detect cold spots on the floors, you may decide it is time for an insulation upgrade. You also have seen a couple of videos online where some Orlando foam insulation learners demonstrate the application process. But before you look up on Google about how to spray foam insulation and start on your own, read on below.

Why You Should Not Install Spray Foam by Yourself

This may seem like a pet DIY project, but spray foam installation is better left to the experts. In short, we can say that DIY spray foam insulation is not a great idea.

You may not know how thick does spray foam insulation needs to be. You may pick the wrong insulation from the numerous products available, or mix the foam the wrong way and apply it incorrectly. This may lead to pulling away of the insulation framing. You may also be exposed to unsafe environments, or you do not use the proper safety equipment.

Whether it is residential or commercial foam insulation experts, we are well certified, trained, and experienced professionals. We are knowledgeable about the nuances that go into spray foam insulation.

If you are wondering where to buy spray foam insulation in Orlando, look no further than Spray Pro Insulation.

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Our Orlando spray foam insulation contractors are adept at doing energy audits and can easily determine where and how you are losing heat. We can give you the perfect solution that can also save some money, along with valuable energy.

We conduct all the necessary tests to detect the specific locations that need to be covered. Our installers do not miss any crucial areas in the installation process. We not only make sure that your installation is properly done, but also covers all the right places.

We understand your building envelope and choose the right R-value product suitable for your home. As your reliable insulation contractors, we ensure that your spray foam insulation can outperform all the other forms of insulation.

Don’t hesitate to ask your Orlando insulation service providers to provide you with all the assistance you need in making your choice. Spray Pro Insulation is always at the service of our customers.

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