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For many years, the team at Spray Pro Insulation has been holding a robust track record of highly satisfied and repeat customers who vouch by our top-notch products and services. Whether it is your commercial property where you conduct your business or your sweet abode where you reside with your loved ones, we help make living areas comfortable.

Our experienced contractors specialize exclusively in insulation solutions for home and commercial projects of any size. We proudly declare our utmost dedication to our Orlando customers by providing each project with all the time and resources it requires. Give us a call today to discuss your insulation needs.

Undeniable Role of Insulation Contractors in Orlando Construction and Home Improvement

First, let us start by defining insulation contractor: a contractor specializing in thermal insulation, be it installing a single type of insulation or multiple types, such as cellulose, fiberglass, or spray foam insulation.

General contractors take up all kinds of construction works, whereas insulation contractors are those that work exclusively on insulation projects. General contractors know a bit about all aspects of home improvement or construction, like maintenance, upgrades, and repairs. However, home insulation is a crucial job that needs a specialist touch.

Proper insulation is key to having a healthy and comfortable home environment. With specialist insulation contractors, you can improve the energy efficiency of your home and reduce hefty energy bills on your heating and cooling systems. This is precisely why you have to hire insulation contractors for Orlando home improvement projects.

Crawl Space Insulation Contractors Orlando

What Do Insulation Contractors Do

Typically, Orlando insulation contractors believe that every project is unique and its requirements that have to be met. There are many types of insulation companies that come in all sizes and business structures.

An owner-operator type structure is typically a small company where one or more people do all the tasks. The owner is the sole operator who gets involved in the business on each project while being pulled in every direction. He will be handling the phone calls, sales, and the actual installation of the insulation materials.

Some insulation companies keep up a front by only handling the sales and marketing of their business, but the actual insulation installation is passed on to the subcontractors. On the other hand, a larger company has sufficient manpower in their installation crew, customer service, and after-sales support. The best insulation contractors near Orlando offer homeowners everything they need and make the project a great experience.

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Different Types of Insulation

Thermal insulation is needed for:

  • Walls: Walls run around the house and offer a large area exposed to outer elements. For maximum home energy efficiency, they need to be insulated with more than one method.
  • Attics: They are one of the major sources of energy loss.
  • Basements: An unfinished basement can also gain you hundreds of dollars in energy savings with proper insulation.
  • Crawl Spaces: Crawl spaces are not used regularly, but the right insulation in these areas can prevent heat loss or heat intrusion from and into your home.
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How Much Do Orlando Insulation Contractors Charge

The internet has a lot of confusing information, especially since just about anyone can post contractors’ estimates and approximations for an insulation project. But you need to understand that the products used and the final costs will vary from region to region. The cost also depends on various other factors like your requirement, project size, budget, interests, and the season of installation.

Relevant considerations:

  • Value of the insulation installation – short or long term
  • Cost-effectiveness of the product
  • Performance in the long run
  • Good lifespan
  • The best attributes

Another important point to note is to hire reputable Orlando based insulation contractors with proven portfolio, who can guarantee 100% premium products and quality workmanship.

Materials Used by Insulation Contractors in Orlando

The main purpose of thermal insulation is to stop heat flow or conduction. Below are the primary insulation types.

Cellulose Insulation Contractors Orlando


Consisting of almost 80% recycled materials, cellulose can be classified as one of the eco-friendliest insulations that offers consistent performance over time. It is also the most preferred method of soundproofing and attic insulation.

Cellulose insulation is also referred to as blown insulation as the recycled materials are heat-treated to become more fire-resistant. Dense pack cellulose can fill up enclosed spaces like wall cavities and is ideal to use over existing materials. Cellulose insulation is a long-lasting thermal insulation solution, which also prevents the growth of pests and mold.

Rigid Foam

Also known as the rigid board, this insulation uses solid foam panels cut into various shapes to fit into complex areas of a home. These extremely durable rigid boards have a radiant barrier on one or both sides. It is mainly suitable for new construction projects for ceiling, attic, basement, and crawl space. Particularly for unfinished spaces, rigid foam insulation is a great choice.

Spray Foam

When it is tough to insulate all the hidden crevices and unreachable corners of the home, it is best to use spray foam insulation to eliminate all air leaks. Spray foam insulation makes use of a chemical compound that is in the form of a foam, which expands and simultaneously provides air sealing in the application area.

It is an excellent option for remodeling projects for areas like rim joists, walls, and attics. Spray foam is a durable insulation solution that is pest resistant as well as waterproof. Insulation installation is an easy process by spraying the foam into all the gaps in the surfaces of your home. Spray foam insulation is also the most energy-efficient option out there, which can reduce your monthly heating and cooling bills.

Spray Foam Insulation Orlando is a team of spray foam insulation contractors in Orlando. We install both closed-cell and open-cell spray foam insulation for conductive heat resistance in your home. Contact us to know about the needs of your home and choose the right insulation for your project.

Radiant Barrier Insulation


This is also a spray foam insulation type that maximizes your homes’ energy efficiency. It is installed around wiring, ducts, piping and between floor joists.


One of the most common types is fiberglass insulation. It is a blanket system insulation with rolls and batts; used for various parts of the home.


Rockwool or mineral wool is obtained by rocks and minerals that are spun into small fibers with high temperature-resistance. Rockwool has a varied range of insulation applications.

Radiant Barrier

Ideal for warm climates, a radiant barrier is installed under the roof and in the attic. It works by reflecting the heat from the sun, rather than absorbing it like the other insulation types.

Why Hire a Professional Instead of DIY

No doubt, investing in a home upgrade can be expensive, but think of all the value for the money you get in return. Not to mention, you get to save on energy expenses each month. But still, some homeowners try to save whatever they can during the insulation installation process. One of such ways is to hire a general contractor, the disadvantages of which we have already covered at the beginning of this article.

Worse still, some people tend to install the insulation by themselves! But that is the worst thing you can do to damage the health of your home and its residents. Besides, you may not get the final effect that you desire since the output will be much different than what you had in mind. Here we give you a few main reasons why hiring insulation contractors based in Orlando is preferable to starting a DIY project.

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Insulation Contractors Use the Best Installation Techniques

While starting a home or commercial insulation project, it is critical to follow the most preferred insulation methods and latest techniques. Certified Orlando contractors and insulation service providers with years of experience will use the best industry practices.

Construction companies primarily have contractors that work with various departments. But by finding an accredited and certified expert who exclusively works on insulation, you get a professional energy contractor who understands various insulation-specific aspects like vapor retardants, ventilation, air infiltration, and others.

Sometimes, you will need to remove the existing insulating material and replace it with the new product. This is where it can get tricky for DIYers. As laypersons, homeowners may be lacking the primary understanding of the type of padding insulation material needed for a specific job.

This may lead to the mishandling of asbestos and other toxic insulation materials, causing the homeowners or the occupants to fall sick or face grave health conditions. In contrast, Orlando insulation contractors can complete the task using the safest possible methods to prevent any hazardous situations.

Our Insulation Contractors Are Knowledgeable

Insulation contractors are qualified to handle various types of insulation as they have ample knowledge about the advantages and disadvantages of each type. Insulation industry is so vast that as a homeowner, you may not have an idea of all its necessary aspects. Insulation contractors, on the other hand, have an adequate background on home improvement and construction. They can guide you with your home upgrade by explaining their similarities, differences, and benefits.

Although this may not be applicable for all homes, the government offers some rebates for eligible homeowners. Depending on your location and other factors, you may receive rebates like federal tax credits. Professional insulation contractors near Orlando can tell you if you are qualified to get certain rebates for investing in energy-efficient insulation projects.

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If you feel it is time for an insulation upgrade, do not waste your time with general contractors. And do not even think of doing this tedious task by yourself.

Insulation installation is a long-lasting investment, and you need to make an informed decision in choosing the right contractor. Your trusted Orlando Insulation Contractors are here to help make your home comfortable living space. Call the experts now!

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